Saturday, October 17, 2009

VB RAP test : Forefront Protection engine is improving!

Virus Bulletin, the reference for comparing antivirus solutions, just released its latest VB RAP test results from Apr.09 to Oct. 09.

Microsoft Forefront engine is performing each time better. Comparing to the last RAP test, Forefront engine was
- Proactive detection: 3rd on 37 selected ones and is now 2nd on 38 ones!
- Reactive detection: 13th on 37 selected ones and is now 9th on 38 ones!

Remind that Microsoft Forefront engine is used in several products of Microsoft Forefront Protection Suite:
- Forefront EndPoint Protection 2010
- Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange servers
- Forefront Protection 2010 for Sharepoint

For more details, check Microsoft Forefront official website

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