Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Exchange 2010: Allow SMTP relaying

Some old fashioned programs require to send mail without any form of authentication.
I will show you how to set up a SMTP relay with Exchange 2010 for all mail coming from a specific host.

- fim-dc:
- fim-exchange: (Exchange 2010 installed)

We want to allow all mail sent from fim-dc to be accepted like any other "normal" mail.

Here are the steps to achieve this goal:

- launch the Exchange management console

- in the Server Configuration > Hub Transport, create a new Receive connector

- give the receive connector a name:

- if you want to do any ip filtering on the receiving interface, fill the correct ip (here we would only allow mail to be received on the ip)

- define the remote ip from where we want to relay all SMTP traffic (in our case:

- then click on "New", a powershell command is run. The receive connector is now created.

- we now have to disable all authentication on that receive connector: Right click on its name > propreties > Authentication, and then uncheck all the boxes.

- then we have to grant the Anonymous users the right to connect, in order to send mail to the transport hub.

- done!

Now any mail coming from to will be relayed using SMTP relaying in Exchange 2010!

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