Monday, August 10, 2009

Club-Internet or the bad Wireless student..

Club-Internet, a french ISP - currently owned by Neuf Telecom which is itself currently owned by SFR (french Vodafone) - sold a lot of TECOM wireless Access Points.

On most of Hitachi and Tecom AP, the default WEP key is a result of a SHA-1 hash of the WEP SSID! The ISP offers a windows utility "WEPTool.exe" to compute this function and get the default WEP key: WEPTool website

That is why it is even easier to access these kind of wireless network than cracking the corresponding WEP network (with tools like aircrack)!!

Altough it could lead to a "simple" installation for a newbie, it seems like a huge security issue on the default configuration.

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