Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Big BROWSER is watching you!

As the world goes on, so does the technological control on our lives. We constantly have less and less privacy because of technology "improvements". Since a several years, locating quite precisely a person only thanks to its relative gsm position is a reality, and best of breed our ISP are now forced to reveal PII (Private Identity Information) about any Internet user they serve!

IPRED in Sweden, Hadopi in France,... thinking that using the Internet anonymously is belonging each day more to a dream world than to the reality. As a protest act, set up an anonymous proxy. Called IPredator, this service allows users to connect via a classic PPTP VPN connection, and then surf anonymously only by paying a pay a tiny monthly fee (something like 7$/month). A smart way to fight - at their scale - for more privacy over the Internet, but I really do wonder if anyone is able to fight against the pressure of worldwide corporations owning dozen of thousand of digital media copyrights.

Because actually the jungle rule does still applies...

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