Monday, August 31, 2009

Am I to the dark side of the force?

The other day I was talking with a friend of mine about my current job. When I told him I was currently working in the french IT Security dept of the Redmond firm, he suddenly told me "ouch, you now belong to the dark side of the force".

Let us face it: today's IT students are really close-minded when it comes about operating systems! Because three days after, another friend of mine gave me kind of the same speech about the differences between windows and linux, thinking he was teaching me what is a unix. You just have to know that I have been using linux and windows - for nearly 7 years for the first one, and 15 years for the second one- to imagine how it is embarassing when people tell you "you know, it is really better, more secure..." (I just cut the classic arguments in favor of linux, because hearing the same -wrong- ideas over and over is starting to make me feel nautious).

The day after, one of my co-worker -who used to be an IT architecture teacher- told me "today's students do not know anything about Windows. They just conceive it as a software they download and use illegally. Furthermore they do not have any idea about what is an Active Directory domain controller, meanwhile they are used to the bash shell!"

It just makes me wonder: Would it be their teachers' fault?

I am using a Macbook Pro and a Windows laptop every day. I have 4 servers in my hometown, several of them running debian linux. To sum up, I know enought about the differences between these OS architecture and user experience to be able to judge them. So let us face it: Linux is far from being perfect, so is Windows, so is Mac OS. They are just different.

They all have they pros and contras, but let us just focus on the IT security field. A report published during the first half of 2008 indicated that vulnerabilities found in Mac OS X 10.5 -on that same period of time- were more than 5 times more important than the ones found for Windows Vista during the same period and using the same criterias!

Finally I was just wondering: if Windows would be so bad, why would 90% of the computer client market be hosting that OS?

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