Friday, November 20, 2009

Windows 2008 R2 Administration tools

If you are running a Windows 7, you probably heard about the Remote Administration Tools for Windows 7. But what about the server version?

Well guys running a Windows 2008 R2 OS do have this pretty powerfull powershell module called "ServerManager":

Import-Module ServerManager
$mod = Get-Module ServerManager

When we run the Get-WindowsFeature cmdlet, a list of all the Windows features that could be installed is shown. Each checked box means the feature is alredy installed.

In particular, we do have a list of windows features, which their name is prefixed with "RSAT", which means Remote Server Administration Tools. And it is the same features than the package mentionned above for Windows 7.

I needed to install only the Hyper-V administration tools:

Add-WindowsFeature RSAT-Hyper-V


I am now able to list my virtual machines:

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